• Ahmrii Johnson

The Movement of the Youth

The political events and civil challenges of the past year has tested the concealed fragility in the humanity of our societies. Nevertheless disappointing, the publicized impotence of ethical virtue within a few of our leaders has proved to be the necessary provocation for many to acknowledge the reality of society’s character and what elements need to be transformed, not masked. The movements that are advocating moral reparations have inspired and settled especially in the values of a vast body of the youth. The modern wave can be characterized as a collective shift of cultural tolerance.

Young adults are significantly active in the political advocacy to respond to the offenses and misconduct made by authority figures in office. For example, in the United States the DACA recipients (or Dreamers) had no choice but to raise their voices against the rescission of the program which allowed them to remain in the country they were raised in. Along with the public activism by the Dreamers many young people have reckoned that in light of the oppositions in our social atmosphere they are obliged to stand up (or kneel) to make their voices heard. Too often are young voices disregarded in serious conversations when in reality the next generation is soon to assume control over what will become the future of many communities. The youth know what it's like to grow up in this new age of diversity by experiencing more intersectional relationships, diverse atmospheres, minority leaders and worldly opportunities than previous generations. Most of the younger generation is already accustomed to the developments in social tolerance while we still have leaders possessing the narrow ideology and mindsets of the past. Due to the headways of the previous year, with a rise in social justice campaigns, we should continue to encourage young people to recognize the lacking of morality in subpar role models and aspire to take their place.

Actively conscious voices from young celebrities assisted in inspiring confidence in the younger generation’s commentary and engagement in politics and civic issues. A notable representation of this inspiration would be the new sitcom Grown-ish that depicts the reality of political influence in the younger generation. The resources encouraging social awareness available to young people today is what will allow for the movement of many teenagers and young adults to influence the course of humanity through insightful tools. However, these young people not only need to see that they are being represented, but they need to feel that their own words are being received and registered as relevant and influential pieces of information. Civic panels featuring a diverse body of young adults and teenagers who are not celebrities should be broadcasted more, along with the influential activities of relevant school based clubs in communities all over the world. The information shared in these resources will better prepare this generation to enact predestined civil movements and to utilize insightful voting in order to secure the stability of civic systems to come. In addition, we need to expand influence by putting in place more programs that directly engage students in the real world and its political activities. Young people need to know how to efficiently go about maintaining the progress of society. As a young activist myself I have first hand experience in what engaging intersectional programs in the community can accomplish in empowering and preparing the youth to inspire a domino effect of civic developments. I am privileged to participate in civic groups such as the United Nations’ Girl Up club and a personally established Student Voices of Color Club because, these opportunities that should be available locally to all teenagers and young adults are efficient in stimulating a positive morale that transforms into activities that benefit the undercurrent and action throughout communities.

We need to continue to reiterate that along with the sustained demand for social and political change from citizens across the world we can not ignore some of the most crucial group of voices that come from the fate of our society’s direction. Young revolutionaries are not only increasingly relevant, they are imperative to the functions of a society with a future.

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